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Business networking for Harrietsham, Lenham, Lenham Heath, Sandway, Grafty Green, Ulcombe, Charing, Platts Heath, Boughton Malherbe.

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Established in 2009 Lenham Valley Business Association is a very simple idea, an accomplished business that already provides full marketing services, all the things that go with those functions, provides an entertaining presenter to run business networking meetings every month. The business association is focused on improving your profit by increasing local rural contacts as customers and suppliers. Simple, easy networking (with a speaker too!) with people like you in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and a chance to improve the way you operate. Membership rates are so low that the cost of alphabetical listing and the 4 classification headings also listed on the website could more than return your investment. See the joining page for annual fees. If you want this months promotion sheet for our meetings (please!): Download current one. or click this link. For benefits of membership click here.

Networking meetings see networking page for dates (usually the first Tuesday of each month (apart from June - when we have a combined meeting with our sister organisation South Maidstone Business Association) and speakers for the rest of the year. A registration form must be completed if you have not been to a LVBA network meeting before. You will not need to complete another form once this one has been correctly completed.

Photos: right top: LVBA founder and organiser, the man who makes it all happen, Alan Reading from Custom Marketing Resources, with Constance Lamb from BBC's Only Fools & Horses. Bottom right photo: Jo Dodds (POWER to Live More) and Alan Reading (Lenham Valley Business Association).

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